One of the major requirements for studying abroad is submitting a personal statement. Your personal statement goes a long way in determining whether you will be accepted or not. This essay is reviewed by the admission committee. Your personal statement is what the committee relates with; this tells them about your potentials, experience, your career goal and how you intend to achieve it. The more competitive the course you want to study is (for example medicine, engineering etc.), the more likely your personal statement could be the deciding factor for admission.

Personal statement shows who you are, work experience and skills gained, plus the education you’ve had and so on. Once you know what the admission team are looking at, the easier it is for you to woo them. Below is a list of guides to follow on how to write your personal statement.

Reflect on Your Life Story

You must know yourself in order to know the things you’ll talk about. This would also help you to know how you can link your past experience to the course you want to pursue. Furthermore, your article should be able to state why you should be considered ahead of others.

Research the Program

Read extensively about the course you want to study. It will give you an edge on how to support your ideas. With this, you have an overview of what the course is. Also, an extensive research will help you know the challenges current professionals face in the field. Hence, an opportunity to dwell on how to solve those challenges being posed by the course.

Be Specific as Possible

Draw an outline of what you want to write about. This will make it easier to be able to connect the points in your personal statement. List out the points you want to include in each paragraph. For example, your first paragraph can talk about your skills and how it was acquired , your second paragraph can talk about your educational achievements and so on.

Make it Real

Also, it will be good to always support your ideas with evidence. This will show the authenticity of your claims. For example, do not state in your essay that you want to study medicine because you want to save lives or you had a vision that you were going to become a doctor. Try as much as possible to avoid writing what hundreds of applicants will also write. Instead, write things that inspires you applying for the course.

Engage Your Readers

After you’re through with writing, proofread to correct the errors . Also, you can give it to those around you to pass their comments on what you’ve written. In addition, never distract your readers with unnecessary personal information. This might make him/her to lose interest in what you’ve written. Make sure you provide relevant answers to the questions being asked in the application. Avoid citing unnecessary examples.

Perfect Conclusion

Another thing the admission committee looks at is how your personal statement is being ended. Here, you can state what you want to contribute to the program plus your objectives and also re-asserting your claims of what has been stated earlier in the article.