You’re almost done with secondary school and you would like to study abroad but you don’t know what it takes to do so. Or perhaps, you want to do a Master’s course but you are overwhelmed with the number of universities that have been recommended to you. Where do you start from?

Study abroad with ease with 1Plify
Study abroad with ease with 1Plify

That’s why 1Plify is here; to make the process of gaining admission to study abroad as easy as possible and to provide you with all the information that you need to make the journey smooth. Here are 5 important things you need to know as you begin this journey:

Studying abroad can be expensive. Thanks to the weak value of the Naira, tuition fees, when converted to our currency, often runs into millions of Naira. Don’t be discouraged though; different universities and countries offer scholarships and other funding options to help international students afford the cost of tuition. Thinking of the cost of your course and how you will fund it early on will prevent any delays later.

The popular universities may not be your best option. We know Nigerians generally love name-dropping but don’t let this mentality sway you when choosing which university to go to. The fact that everyone is dying to go to Harvard does not mean it is the best option for you. A university in India might give you the best value with regards to the course you want to study.

Be open minded. This is a follow on to the point above. I have met people that want to study in the UK by force and they go to any length to do so. Universities in the UK are great (I studied there) but there are also other great universities across the world. You want the best value and you need to be open minded to get it.

Everything is not all rosy and perfect abroad. Yes you are going to study abroad to overcome the challenges our education system presents but don’t be deceived into thinking that studying abroad does not have its own unique challenges. These challenges differ from country to country. Being mindful of this fact will help you to make the most of your study experience in whatever country you choose to study in.

You’re about to experience something valuable. One of the unique advantages of studying abroad is the way it broadens your mind. Being in a new country opens you up to new ways of doing things. Also, you get to interact with fellow students from around the world; you rub off on them and they rub off on you. Gain as much as you can from the experience while you are there.

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