The economic recession is upon us. Prices of commodities have skyrocketed and everyone has been feeling the heat. The same applies to education.

Studying abroad has also become more expensive due to the falling value of the Naira. This is forcing most students and parents to reconsider their decision to study abroad. This is especially true for countries with high tuition. However, you need not worry as we present you one of the ways of realizing your study abroad dreams without breaking the bank.

One of the ways of combatting this challenge is to opt for countries with low tuition. One of such countries is India. Studying in India can be very cheap depending on the University you choose. In fact, there are very few tuition paying countries that are as cheap as India.

Tuition fee starts from as low as $1000 per year. Yes, you heard that right. $1000, per year! India boasts thousands of colleges with such low tuition fees that are foreign-student friendly. Apart from the low tuition fee, cost of living in India is also very cheap compared to other study destinations.

Studying in India gives you the opportunity to live in a country with a rich cultural background. India is a country with its foot in the past and its eyes on the future. From medical science to information Technology, India has been making tremendous progress across sectors recently, making it globally relevant on many front. Contrary to what you might have heard, Indians are very friendly people and they love to see foreigners.

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