Although, the internet has proven to be a viable alternative for carrying out researches, this comes with a price. There are some materials that requires payment before you can get access to it. With other expenses associated with studying abroad, paying for a material online will be the last thing you will want to do. One way to prevent this is by knowing how to make good use of the library for research work. Here’s how you can carry out your research using the library.

Have an idea of the resources available

Before the commencement of the research work, it is expected of you to know the materials needed for you to carry out your project. Once you know this, go to the library to know if they are capable of providing you with all the materials needed.

Know the classification system used

This is the system of ordering of materials on the shelves in the library. When you understand the type of classification system used, you’ll have a view of how the books are being arranged on the shelves. Depending on the where you’re studying, the classification system differs from country to country.   

Learn how to use the Library catalogue for easy identification of materials by users.

This can be likened to a map. It directs you to the exact place where you can get the material you’re looking for. A Library catalogue is also said to be a register of bibliographic books used for reference and research purpose. Some schools use card catalogues while some have gone ahead to start online catalogues. A sound knowledge of how to use this system will save you time and energy.

Seek the help of the librarian

To make your work easier, it is better you consult the librarian or the workers in the library. The person will put you through on how to use the library for research work.