We have a simple question for you today. It is a question we believe requires a straightforward answer. We are not here to stir up any controversy; we just want your opinion and the reason behind your opinion. So are you ready?

Which university is the best in Nigeria?

Now we know that there is a tendency for everyone to say that the university they attended or are currently attending is the best. But can we put such sentiments aside and be objective? Which university churns out the best graduates? Which university awards a First Class degree that is recognisable over the world and is a true representation of the academic capability of the person that has been awarded that degree? Which university boasts of one of the best faculties in a chosen field? University of Ibadan? Obafemi Awolowo University? University of Lagos? Do any of the private universities that we have even make the cut? Are they better than other renowned public institutions that have existed from time immemorial?

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  1. I remember an article I once posted on my blog. Best as a distinctive term is highly relative. Aside that, there is much campaign for technology transfer, knowledge transfer and similar nomenclature that suggests synergy even in tertiary education. On this note it is safe to assume that it will be difficult to make an appropriate assertion on the best University.
    But in reality, it is evidently not so.
    My view is this:
    Educators are largely responsible for the nature of an institution. More is on my blog post titled “ask the bakers” on http://www.enrichingthehumanresource.blospot.com
    Imagine the ploy by European football clubs. A manager goes on to acquire a player from another club and performs better, then credit is given to the club #surprise.
    If UNILAG retains the best position today, but loses her best staff to UI, then is she still the best?
    The best remains the best.
    In conclusion, any University that wants to be termed and recognized as best must remain best not by retaining past glories and ashes, but fanning the flame of fresh fire.
    Not just by words of mouth but by evidential substance
    Finally please, I suggest a no-no to the theory of “suffering and struggle to success” and profess a theory of “hard work to success”
    Thank you