Owing to its establishment properties, geographical value and the facilities available, France is known as the heart of Europe. It has attracted students across the globe due to its state-of-art teaching facilities, eye-catching teaching methods and student friendly educational system. Most people believe this can only be achievable in Paris. However, this article will enlighten you about other exciting cities to study in France apart from Paris.

According to Forbes ranking , it is the 5th most innovative city in the world. It is located in the South Eastern part of France and has an oceanic climate with no dry season. Grenoble is a major scientific centre, especially in the fields of physics , computer science, and applied mathematics. The city benefits from the highest concentration of strategic jobs in France after Paris, with 14% of the employments, 35,186 jobs, 45% of which specialized in design and research. Grenoble is also the largest research center in France after Paris with 22,800 jobs (11,800 in public research, 7,500 in private research and 3,500 PhD students).

Montpellier is the 8th-largest city of France, and is also the fastest-growing city in the country over the past 25 years. It is located in the southern part of France on the Mediterranean sea . One third of the population are students. It boasts of quality universities and job opportunities for graduates.

The 4th largest city in France. It is located in the south west coast of France with a humid subtropical climate. It’s among one of the few cheap cities to live in making it a city of destination for international students. Employment rate is high with a good transport system.

Located in the Northern part of France. The metropolitan area of Lille is one of France’s top student cities. Lille has a temperate oceanic climate. It has a mixed mode public transport system, which is considered one of the most modern in the whole of France. The city has quality universities that are recognized globally.

The capital city of Brittany. Rennes is the 2nd concentration of digital and ITC firms in France after Paris (with well-known companies and startups like Atos , SFR , Neosoft, Orange S.A. , France Telecom, Ericsson and many more. It has been considered to be a student city with close to half the population made up of students. The local economy include car manufacturing, telecommunications, digital sector and agrofood. Also, Rennes is considered to be one of the most festive cities in France catching the attention of students across the globe.

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