During a debate/oral presentation , an uncertainty in the voice shows the lack of confidence from the speaker which can cause the audience to lose interest in the message the speaker is trying to pass across. Getting rid of this nerves entirely might prove difficult but there has been alternative ways to reduce it. Below are 6 tips to follow.

Have the right mindset
You can do it if only you believe you can. Believe in yourself. Develop the confidence within yourself. The people you want to lecture can’t swallow you. You are the teacher of the day. Go lecture them.

Shutdown the negative voice
The moment you start having doubt in your ability, that same moment your confidence level begins to drop. Challenge negative thinking and continue positive thinking.

Arrive early
Get to the venue at least an hour before time so as to give yourself room to settle down and calm your nerves before the commencement of the presentation.

Adjust to Your Surroundings
Familiarize yourself with the gadgets you would be needing for your presentation. For example, the microphone, the projector, pointer and so on. This is an opportunity for you to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Meet your audience
Do well to interact with your audience before the start of the presentation. In the process of doing so, you get to let out some nerves.

Don’t Fight the Fear
Being frightened is not a bad thing. Do not allow that to affect your mood. Trying to work against people noticing how nervous you are will only intensify your anxiety. Accept your fear so as to know the right way to overcome it.