Even with the challenges faced in college, it is always good to be in a happy mood. Below, I have put a list of 6 things that makes student happy.


Students are always happy leaving the roof of their parents due to the freedom that they tend to enjoy. They believe that it will give them the space to explore whatever thing they are interested in  doing.


Phone apps can always lighten your mood. It is also a medium to stay connected with your friends from home via social media.

Cancelled class

There’s no other joy in college than to receive a news of a cancelled class after a streak of lectures. This is an opportunity to relax

Area of concentration

During exams, some lecturers give students clues on where to read from their bulky notes. This reduces their stress of reading all the lecturer’s note.

Gift from colleagues

Receiving gifts from friends signifies you’re being loved where you are. It can also be a source of encouragement to you.

Going to support your favorite team

Guys especially feel more relaxed and happy supporting their team. That always look forward to seeing their team play.

Public holidays

Students look forward to this period. It’s an opportunity to rest by getting an extra sleep and taking time off academics.