While the UAE isn’t yet a top draw in the field of higher education like the USA or the UK, there are chances that it may soon reach there. All it needs to do is follow the lead of Dubai. The de facto entertainment capital of the world, Dubai today has a university that has broken into the QS ranking . Also, being one of the fastest growing economies and home to some of the biggest companies in the world, it presents attractive work opportunities for international students.

That being said, Dubai is still an unknown city for many international students who want to know more about it before studying in Dubai. Knowing about one’s study-abroad destination properly not only helps one prepare better, but calms down the nerves by eliminating unwarranted apprehensions.

So, here we bring you the key things to know before studying in Dubai:

1. Dubai is cosmopolitan and fun: Reading the first point on our list, if you are getting a bit nervous, you need to calm down. Because, the population of Dubai is more cosmopolitan than anything you have ever seen, what with 85% of the total population made up of expatriates

One reason why Dubai is so peaceful has to do with there being so much to see and do in the city –sightseeing, going on desert safaris, and diving and water sports – people rarely get time to invest in something as inconsequential as a confrontation!

2. Accommodation: Apart from tuition fees, if there is one single item that gives a student sleepless nights is the thought of missing out on a suitable accommodation, especially on-campus accommodation, which tend to be cheaper and safer. Universities generally have limited numbers of seats, and those missing out have to look for other options.

3. Food habits: Dubai is home to around 180 nationalities and nothing reflects this cultural diversity than its food scene. The city is filled with restaurants, each significantly different than the other, and with representations from all across the world. If you are studying in Dubai, there is another popular cuisine: the tapas-style meals, which is a combo of small dishes, the antithesis of the standard appetizer or starter. If money is a concern, go for the ubiquitous eateries –most likely managed by Indian or a Pakistani, or even Filipinos – dealing in plates full of curry, rice, or noodles.

4. Tourist’s dream destination: Dubai, which serenades the Arabian Gulf, isn’t just ripe with natural attractions, but there are enough man-made attractions to keep you busy the entire year. Surrounded by sand dunes, the city has its fair share of stunning beaches and warm waters and receives year-round sunshine, frequently making tourists go weak on their knees. . Studying in Dubai, you are going to get a lot of opportunity to rub shoulders with these acclaimed attractions.

5. Part-time jobs: If you are an international student studying in Dubai, there are both on-campus and off-campus work opportunities that you can explore. While you can seek off-campus work during summer, on-campus work opportunities are available throughout the year, with students taking up jobs at university campuses and colleges under the work during study in Dubai program.