If you’re planning on settling down after college, there are certain things you need to put in place before your graduation. Consider these 5 tips

Visit your career center

Endeavor to seek the advice of those at your school’s career center on the available job opportunities for graduates. You will also be at an advantage of learning how to write a CV or a cover letter by visiting the center.

Gather enough experience

Nowadays, employers are only interested in recruiting the best employees and this is based on their credentials. Ensure you get involved in various activities that can boost your experience alongside your study abroad program. Working while studying attests to your level of responsibility.

Learn a second language

Having the ability to speak two languages is an added advantage to you.  It is going to be a boost to your CV. It will make you smarter and even more decisive by building multitasking skills. Also, knowing an additional language illustrate the value you bring as an employee to the company.


Engaging in a community service around your vicinity helps develop your self esteem and feeling of self worth. It adds great depth to your CV. An experience in this line will showcase your teamwork skills and your ability to be innovative.

Get close to your professors

Try as much as possible to build a relationship with your supervisor and other professors. Why is this so? Getting a professor to write you a letter of recommendation to employers is a great boost to getting a job. In order to achieve this, show your professors how serious you are by being taking their class seriously.