Some classes can be easy, while others feel as if they’ve been created with the sole purpose of torturing the minds of college students. If you’re in a really tough class, you know that studying with your nerdiest friends doesn’t help and you’re barely making it through the homework assignments. The worst part about all of this is that the dreaded exam is in a week and you’re not feeling very confident. So you’re depressed and you’ve eaten a tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream like you just broke up with your boyfriend. All you want to do is die, at least, until exams are over. So you arrive at your last resort. You’re going to study all freaking night. Sometimes, you just have to do it.

You might be a champion at all-nighters but not everybody is a master of the dark arts. Here are five terrible things you could do during an all-nighter:

Studying all the wrong things

So exams are coming up and if your professor was touched by an angel, he or she would be kind enough to give you a study guide, but not all instructors are so kind. There isn’t much worse than spending an entire night studying and then failing a test the next day because you focused on the wrong chapters.


If you’re like most people, alcohol won’t help you focus. Getting ‘turnt’ during an all-nighter is probably a no go if you want to grab that A. Save it for the weekends.

Snacking on junk

I see you with those Cheetos and your Five-Star notebook. That’s fine, but when you’re pulling an all-nighter you don’t want junk in your system, or cheese sauce on your fingers. Drinking a ton of caffeinated beverages and munching on greasy foods will only slow you down and make you feel tired. It’s called cheese sauce right?

Taking a nap

I get it, you just want to recharge with a nap, but from my experience, taking one during an all-night study session is the best way to kill momentum, as well as energy. I rarely wake up from a nap feeling energized and doing so in the middle of the night usually makes me more tired.

Zoning out

How could this be? It’s already midnight? A few moments pass and the clock reads 2 a.m.? You’re not going crazy, you’re just pulling an all-nighter, and you’re failing at it because you’ve only finished going over a single section of your study guide.


This article was first posted on Chegg Blog