In college, one common thing that occur among college students is having a particular course where they find little or no interest at all. This might be due to various reasons. But Relax! Below are tips on how to thrive irrespective of the challenges.

Find out the cause

When the root cause of a problem is known, getting a solution won’t be difficult. Is it due to the lecturer taking the class, or the complexity of the course itself or the time of the day the lecture is being scheduled to hold? For instance, if a student tends not to understand how to go about calculations during the hot hours of the day, therefore courses that involve calculations scheduled to hold in the afternoon might prove difficult for such type of a student.

Address the problem

The next expected step to take is to tackle the problem. This depends on the type of problem.

  • The lecturer in charge

This most times is usually caused as a result of the reports you’ve heard about your lecturer. For example, you might hear from a senior colleague in your department that he doesn’t know how to lecture. No matter how fired-up you are, this can discourage you. Ignore all the negative comments and first of all give the lecturer a trial.  Build a good relationship with him irrespective of what you’ve heard. When you’re in good terms with your lecturer, accessing him won’t be difficult.

  • The nature of the course

Nothing is harder to deal with than a subject you just can’t get interested in. Engage in trying various strategies on how to get the better of the course. This could be by note taking, reading before classes and so on.

  • Class Schedule

The time the class is scheduled to hold also matters. If the class can’t be rescheduled to hold at a more convenient time, try looking for tips on how to readjust your body to cope with the time the course is being taken. For example, sleeping before an afternoon class will make your brain feel refreshed ready to assimilate whatever information.