Being in a new environment can be challenging due to the long process of adaptation it might take the body to align with the new environment before its function can be up to par. Your foundational year in school is very important and often times determine the range of your college grade after school. In order to overcome this, the following tips will help to prepare your mind even before getting started.

Build a formidable relationship with those in your dorm

Now you’re away from home. Your new immediate families are those around you. The earlier you get along with them, the better for you. They will help you overcome the challenges college will pose if you seek their help.

Be punctual in class

Very important! Try not to miss class for any reason. Some lecturers do take attendance after each lecture while some even go to the extent of organizing test in class.

Meet your Senior Colleagues in the department

These set of people can be of great help in your transition from secondary school to college. They will give you firsthand information about your department, tips on how to excel in each of your courses and the career opportunities available. Get close to at least one of them.

Get to know your College Adviser

Having a close relationship with your college adviser can be to your advantage. Feel free to discuss your challenges and academic goals with your adviser. They are ready to help you overcome those challenges and at the same time help you achieve your goals.

Make Friends

Take your time to select your team of friends. Be careful when doing so. They will prevent you from being lonely and being homesick. Your friends can also determine how successful you will be academically in school.

Best place to study

During your first two weeks in college, try to find out a place where you can assimilate the most. It can be the college’s library, your departmental library, your room, garden etc. Setting your path straight from the beginning is very important.

Best time to study

This can be anytime during the day or even at midnight. Knowing when you assimilate more will help you to schedule your time well in college.

Stay healthy

Eat good food. Don’t feed on junks and if at all you must take it, do not take it on a regular basis. Eating a balanced diet will help in replacing the lost energy and gives you the nutrient needed for growth. Staying healthy will give you the opportunity of attending your classes regularly.