College is full of activities ranging from academics to socials, sports and so on. A person that is not focused can easily be swept away under the exciting condition of college life. However, one way of keeping a check and balancing on yourself is by creating a schedule for your daily activities.

Scheduling your day can be of an utmost advantage to you as a student. Planning for your day will make you accountable and improve your time management skills. It will help you combat the greatest enemy that poses threat to students, and that is procrastination. In addition, having a plan to follow will allow you to about your daily activities in a more relaxed fashion. How can this be achieved?

Here are three tips that will guide you on how you can take full control of your daily activities.

Identify your tasks

This has to do with making a list of your activity for the day. For instance, the classes you need to attend for the day including practical if any are parts of what make up your activities for the day. Other tasks may include; studying, club meeting, assignments, group discussion, soccer game etc. It involves drawing out a plan of how you want your day to be.

Arrange Your tasks in order of priority

Weigh your activities according to the scale of importance. The yardstick to measure this should be how important is the activity towards your academic success in college. The important ones should be listed first before the less important ones. For example, attending a class is more important than hanging out with friends.


When allotting time to each of your tasks, endeavor to add extra minutes or at most an hour. It is better to have enough time left after completing your task than eating into another time allocated for another task. If at all you have an extra time left, begin the next activity immediately.