On getting to college, students usually have the mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety. This might be due to the fear of academic responsibility and the course workload. The vague excitement is usually generated from the freedom of leaving home. Those who experience homesickness might notice an increase in depressed feelings, anxiety, obsessive thoughts and minor physical ailments. However, homesickness has been described to be a common occurrence among university students. This 7 steps might be a great way to overcome it.

Don’t be scared
Being homesick is a normal phenomenon that affects students. First of all establish the fact that you are okay. Just know that it’s a normal phase of adapting and learning how to live a new life. Once you realize this, start working to overcome it.

Know that challenges would come
One of the causes of homesickness is the challenges students face in college. The fact remains that challenges would come. Have this registered at the back of your mind that the unexpected can come your way. Just remain calm and get over it.

Stay in touch
Maintain constant relationship with those you left behind. It indicates that you’re not left alone and that they still care. Although there should be a limit to this.

Create a new family for yourself in college
Get to meet people and start building relationship with those around you in your school or hostel. Talk to other students so as to share thoughts together.

Know you’re not alone
Have this clear understanding that you’re not the only one away from home. Many other students will be experiencing the same feelings. Instead of thinking over the situation, get close to them and help one another overcome it.

Get help from your college advisor
The only person that is close to acting as your guardian in school is your counselor. If you’re going through hard times, meet your counselor. He/She would be glad to help you. They are paid to do that.

Give yourself time
Adapting to a new environment at times requires a long period of time. Don’t be too eager, give yourself time to and don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ll definitely enjoy the new environment.