One of our partner Universities in France, Grenoble School of Management(Grenoble Ecole de Management) just announced new set of scholarships for the September 2017 intake. All you need to do is write an essay to qualify for any of these scholarships.

What you need to do

  1. Apply to any of the GGSB courses on our platform (you can contact us at for easy support on how to apply).
  2. Write the essay specified in the category of scholarship you are applying for. We will also help you structure your essay well (at no cost) to improve your chances of winning the scholarship.

For further information about how to apply, shoot us a mail on

Here are the details of the scholarhip.

Early Bird – €1,000 Grants

Apply no later than January 31st, 2017 to be considered.

GGSB Alumni Discount

GGSB program graduates who have completed a full program are eligible for a 5% reduction on tuition fees. No essay required. Contact directly.

GMAT Merit Scholarship (MBA and Finance students only) – Up to €2,000

Students with an overall score of 700 and over are eligible. Ideally candidates must have 75% and over in the quantitative section. No essay required.

MBA BRIC Engineer Scholarship (MBA students only) – Up to €10,000

*Students with engineering backgrounds in IT fields from Brazil, Russia, India and China

Q: What are the unique challenges of engineers in your country of origin? How will our MBA help you overcome these obstacles? 750 word limit

MBA Emerging Economies (MBA, Digital Business and Global Marketing only) – Up to €5,000

Students from emerging economies

Q: Name your top choice for the specialization course. Explain how it will advance your professional career and contribute to your field in your home country. 750 word limit

MBA Outstanding Professional Woman (MBA, Digital Business and Global Marketing students only) – Up to €5,000

This award recognizes the achievements of women in the business field.

Q: Elaborate on your career achievements and explain how our MBA will help you continue to progress in your career path. 750 word limit

MBA Cultural Diversity Scholarship (MBA students only) – Up to €5,000

This grant aims students with extensive international experience.

Q: Elaborate on a cultural experience that will have a lasting impact on the way you interact with others of a different cultural background. 750 word limit

What are you waiting for? Apply away 🙂