It’s another city review and today our guest tells us what living in Milton Keynes is like. Read and learn.

Where did you study?

Cranfield university

Before your degree, have you ever visited Milton Keynes before?

I visited Cranfield Village which is where the University is located but I didn’t visit Milton Keynes town itself before my degree

What did you love most about Milton Keynes?

I love the fact that it is a quieter version of London. I enjoyed the fact that I could go to London whenever I wanted but I could also avoid the hustle and bustle of London.

Tell us some of the fun places to hang out there?

Hmm…I didn’t go out much. I am more of an indoor person but anytime I wanted o take a break, The Centre MK was my number one choice. It literally has everything under one roof. You can shop, eat, get your hair done, watch a movie and basically relax. If you like a place that has many stores and activities under one room, then the mall is for you.

Would you describe it as a student friendly city?

To some extent, it is. Since it is close to London, you will find that things are more expensive than in other cities. But if you have a sharp eye, you will be able to find some good bargains.

What should a newcomer know about Milton Keynes?

It is a quiet and serene place to live in. If you are an introvert, you will really enjoy living in Milton Keynes.

What advice would you give to adjusting to the way of life there?

Make friends quickly because it can get quite lonely. Your friends will be the people you go out with and shop with. Also try to respect your neighbours and follow the required regulations of the city. Unruly behaviour is usually frowned upon.

Where was your favourite place to go shopping?

The Centre MK; it’s a shopper’s haven. In London, it is Selfridges and Westfield mall.

How can someone living on a low budget survive in Milton Keynes?

What I can say is budget your money properly. Don’t try to live above your means or should I say your allowance. Moderation is also important. Cut away excesses like take-outs and other unnecessary expenses. Also be mindful of how you use electricity. Use energy light-saving bulbs and make sure you turn off all the lights when you are leaving the house.

Tell us about accommodation; how easy is it to get a good accommodation?

Well, if you have the money it is relatively straight-forward. Like I said before, because it is close to London things like accommodation are more expensive but not as expensive as London. Also there are some landlords who do not want to let their houses to students. This may be a hindrance for those who don’t have much money. Landlords often prefer their students to pay their full house rent upfront.

Is it easy to navigate around the city?

I think it’s ok. I had a car so it wasn’t difficult for me to move around. There are trains, buses and taxis available to aid transportation.


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