Interviews can be intimidating, terrifying even but once you’ve cracked the code of interviews, you are as good as have gotten the job right as you walk out that door. Let’s take a journey through some simple steps that could make a difference in the big picture.

First of all interviewers are not  Frankensteins  in suits. They are just regular people looking for the right minded and competitive people that can work alongside them to achieve their organization’s common goal. From the moment you enter the room to the moment you leave, all that you are from your appearance to your gestures to your speech will either credit you or nullify you.

Hence the journey begins;

1)  Make your presence known with a knock. Avoid banging on the door or being timid.

2)   Let yourself in when the board acknowledges your welcome. Open the door calmly and coolly abstaining from impatience and rush and gently close the door behind you.

3)   Light up your features with a pleasant smile

4)   Use breath mints to avoid any bad breath.

    Refrain from dragging your feet across the floor.  Take care to minimize the tapping from the heels, ladies.

6)   Greet the board of interviewers with a cheerful “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon” depending on the time of the interview.

7)   Offer a business handshake all around, avoid crushing of fingers or slack in grip. Two brisk pumps would clear your goal.

8)   Settle your folder on the floor leaning against the leg of the chair. Do not place it on the table in front of you.

9)   Avoid sending the signal of being too comfortable in your seat by leaning back or being nervous by leaning forward. Instead maintain posture with shoulders set back and held head high, your palms resting neatly on your thighs.

10) Maintenance of Eye contact is crucial.

11) Accurate clear audible and straight to the point answers to the questions are very desirable while far tales or cutting back on the content would disapprove to be.

12) Refrain from talking out of turn. Speak when spoken to.

13) Portray confidence and conviction in your content. Awkward pauses, stuttering, stammering and unpleasant body language will count against you.

14) Avoid being a jester by cracking unnecessary jokes. Maintain professionalism at all times.

15) Power dressing signifies professionalism. A well tailored suit could go a long way for a gentleman while a skirt or pants with a well cut blouse in neutral colors would speak volumes for a lady.

16) Once you’ve been granted your leave,  say thanks and make your exit in the same style of the entrance remembering to return the chair back to its original position.

Now there you go. You’ve mastered the language of interviews. It is not rocket science, is it? Take that breathtaking smile and that sharp brains of yours and go nail that interview. The job is all yours.