SpotLite is a segment where we’ll profile students studying all over the world and bring you their stories, the Good, the Bad and definitely the Ugly!

Today our SpotLite falls on a young Nigerian student studying in India, we hope you’re able to get one or two things from our little chat with him. Enjoy!

What is your name?
I am Frances Odunze, a Pharmacy student studying in the Karnataka College of Pharmacy, Bangalore India.

What has your experience studying in India been like?
My experience here has been quite commendable really, and I’m enjoying myself. I am an easygoing person and I get along with anyone so I haven’t had any difficulty in fitting in or developing relationships with the locals. I’ve found good friends in both International and National Students, quite a gallant number of friends actually, a respectable number I can count on to be there for me.

Wow that’s great! Tell us why you chose India?
I chose India owing to a couple of reasons but the one that hit home is that India is comparatively affordable compared to other countries and frankly is renowned to be host to a good Pharmacy degree. It seemed like the best option available to me when I graduated from high school and was at a loss to settle upon a course to further my education. Balancing distaste for medicine because of the bloody nature involved literally and that old prejudice against Math made Engineering a big no-no, Pharmacy clicked as my first-class scape-goat and I must say I made a recommendable choice for I’ve come to love my career very much indeed.

Hmmn interesting scapegoat indeed! But what’s the experience been like so far?
The degree has a prestigious value and so far the teaching methods and the facilities available for students have been top notch and I’ve especially taken delight in the practical aspects of the course.

That’s great Frances, any obstacles you faced? Culture shocks?
I haven’t really faced with many obstacles since I’ve come here and have adjusted well so to speak. I’ve even developed a thing for Indian Food, could go for one of their Chicken Noodles at any time of the day! It’s delicious.

Sounds quite yummy, how do you find the weather over here?
The climate is agreeable, not so different from home though summers tend to be quite tricky. I wouldn’t mind spending my entire day in a swimming pool when the summer arrives!

By now our readers are probably wondering, how did you go about your admissions processing?
I used an agent to gain admission to my school. The process was hassle free but I do know that he got paid twice, once from me back in Nigeria when I was first applying and once from the school when he brought me here. I would clearly recommend India to aspiring students quite cheerfully

Thank you for your time Frances, any words of advice to aspiring students?
I do have a word of advice for you all students out there. Do not fail and get back papers because they are of no help at all. Study and pass all in one go. Thank you and good luck.

And that’s how we wrap up this week’s SpotLite profile, we hope you gained a little something from it. Presently, 1Plify represents a few of the top institutions in India. Top of this bunch include Jain University and Sharda University, just to mention a few.

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