Hello, please introduce yourself.

I am Dayo Macaulay, born 4th December and an accountant by profession. I grew up and studied in Lagos, Nigeria.

What Course are you studying and where?

Masters in Business Administration, offered by the Grenoble Ecole de Management in France

Why did you pick that course and how did you decide on the institution and country you chose?

I have an affection for the French language, so when I had to make a choice about what country, France came to mind. I hoped and still do that I can speak fluently the language while living here. It also has the advantage of being a Schengen country which would enable me access to many countries without visa hassles.

About the course, the Masters in International Business was my first choice as it seemed a great idea at the time and also budget friendly.

How did you cope in the beginning, culture shock, food, language and all?

I had so many discussions with Jaiye(1Plifyco-founder) who sort of prepared my mind. He enjoyed reliving his experiences to me and I also had his perspective from reading his blogposts. I also read the school’s guide in details, it definitely helped.

In terms of language, I have been helped many times by people even when we did not have a common language. The locals understand that there are many students who do not speak French, I have seen a restaurant with the sign ‘we speak English’.

About the food, (cheese, cheese, cheese and more cheese!), please bring food from home, if you like spicy food.

Was it easy making friends and getting along with the locals?

Friends will possibly be your classmates initially. Subsequently, people you meet in associations, religious houses, etc. I have only one local as a friend whom I met on the train.

How are the lecturers and classes like?

Summary, 3 hours in class with expected 6 hours work outside class per lesson. Imagine that! Focus is on students and loads of interaction, there is the high focus on the use of the e-learning platform

Do you live off/on campus and why?

I live off campus, the school does not have campus facilities of its own, but they have recommended campus facilities at reasonable rates.

Tell us three favorite things about your school?

  • It has triple accreditations which makes it above standard and not in name only but in the quality offered. It creates an atmosphere to expose you to varied opportunities
  • Diversity is strongly promoted (One of the ways to consider this is that I am building a network across 22 different countries).
  • It teaches you to discover yourself using so many facilities, and not only academically but in many other ways as well. Some of which are the school associations, career departments and workshops, etc.

Also three places you absolutely loved to go

For now, I cannot be specific, as I am yet to go on proper tours, however if you come to Grenoble, you must visit La Bastille, and the lake.

Advice to students who want to study abroad/in Paris

  • Be prepared, focus but take things one step at a time, everything will fall into place
  • Open your mind, things may be quite different from what you are used to
  • Make the most out of your experiences, as you will be wowed, in Jaiye’s words!

How did you get to know about 1plify?

It was through the school’s online admission application platform. I further researched about it on the internet.

What was your experience like using 1plify, were we of any help?

I would recommend 1plify to everyone. Jaiye was a major help and is still a major help. He walked me through from the application stage, admissions, visa application and even now that I am here ,I call him all the time. 1plify not only got me to GEM in France to study, it also gave me a friend.