In typical Mid-week SpotLite fashion, we met up with one of ours who is currently in France for an M.Sc program,  do enjoy our chat with her.

Hello, please introduce yourself.

I am Sarah Yusuf, from Kaduna State Nigeria.

Hi Sarah, what are you studying and where?

MSc International Human Resource Management, Grenoble Graduate School of Business, France.

Okay, why did you pick that course and how did you decide on the institution and country you chose?

I picked HRM in GGSB because of its international outlook and the unique way the course is designed to integrate Human Resources into overall business strategy. Also, I chose France to experience the Grand Ecole Program for myself and also for adventure.

How did you cope in the beginning, culture shock,  food, language and all?

Being a super adventurous person who has no problems relating with people, settling in was interesting, enlightening and above all a great learning experience for me. I found the people to be very helpful and nice. I am still struggling with the language, but I can say I have really improved since I got here.

Any favorite meals yet?

I absolutely love French food, especially Ratatouille and roast chicken in cream sauce with mushrooms.

Wow,that sounds delicious! Was it easy making friends and getting along with the locals?

Well, I do hang out with a lot of people but I find it a bit tricky considering the fact that people of same race and language generally want to be together so I am always lost in the midst of Chinese or Indians. But generally I am not a lonely person, I have met some really nice locals like the pizza guy across my building. They are very interesting somewhat happy to hear me struggle with the language and love to talk about Africa.

Sounds like you’re having lots of fun! How are the lecturers and classes like?

Lectures are expository and very engaging, I must mention the work load is crazy but its interesting and I am glad I am learning so much and actually looking at the world in the different way. Similarly, the lecturers are as diverse as the students, in less than a month I have had an Isreali lecturer who lived in Spain for 15 years and presently lives in Hong Kong, I have had a lecturer from Geneva and I have also had a British lecturer in addition to several French lecturers, so it’s interesting experiencing the difference in their cultures just by listening to the lectures.

Do you live off/on campus and why?

I live off campus because my school doesn’t have residences of its own.

Tell us three favorite things about your school?

Diversity (14 full time students in my class from 10 nationalities), opportunity to innovate and well planned support systems for international students.

The three places you absolutely love to go

I love the French Restaurant La Feme Dede, I love  touring Grenoble on a sunny afternoon in the tourist mini-train and I love the French coffee shop.

Advice to students who want to study abroad/in Paris

Keep an open mind, there is a lot to do here but you need to be willing to explore.

Thank you so much Sarah for your time, it’s been a pleasure! We hope you keep having a fabulous time at Grenoble.

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