Hello guys! as always on the Spot today is an Aeronautical Engineering student studying in India and has a slightly different story to tell.  Sounds interesting right? Check it out:)

Hello! Introduce yourself please?

I am Oweibo Ese, a final year undergraduate studying Aeronautical Engineering in Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India.

Ese, why did you decide to study abroad?

I’ve always had the passion to travel abroad, to leave home and visit lands unknown, be a part of a divergent culture, meet people of rare taste, indulge in exotic cuisine and when the opportunity presented itself, I gave it my best shot which landed in success.

That’s great! So how has the experience been so far?

My experience here has been satisfying with lots of cordial and delightful people around.

What made you even chose to study in India?

The reason I chose India was one out very careful consideration. India is good in Engineering and their system of education is renowned to be meticulous and I’m overjoyed to say that what I’ve seen so far of the educational methods practiced hasn’t let down my mentality. Mercifully there are no strikes and the opportunity provided for one-on-one interaction with the professors can only improve the student-teacher relationship. Above that students are granted full access and utility to the state-of-art laboratories.

How did you come about Aeronautical Engineering? Love for planes?:)

I decided to pursue Aeronautical Engineering mainly because of it holding reputation as one of the most lucrative courses in the world, aside the deep interest I harbored for it.

Wow Ese! I like that, go where the money is. What do you love about India so far?

The best aspect from the academics is the people and the warmth I’ve received from my peers. Their embracing hospitality touched my heart immensely. I wasn’t in the best place with food at first but hey, I am here, I have to eat something so I’ve adjusted well to the food.

Of course, the food is always a huge culture shock for students studying abroad. Do you live off campus?

I live in the school hostel, which is very ideal for any students not willing to embrace the daily travel prospect to school.

How were you able to process your admissions and all the paperwork?

I came here through an agent and the experience was anything but good. Between the promises of a scholarship from him which turned out to be fraud and extortion of money it was a devastating headache that followed in my wake to this country.

We are sorry about that Ese, would you recommend India for other students despite these events?

I would gladly recommend any student India for their higher studies, as far as they study well.

Final word?

As a final word of advice for aspiring students, if promises of scholarships are made to you, check with the university and make sure you pay directly to the university account. Scams are sprouting like mushrooms on the ground. Don’t become a victim to one of them. Be careful and study well

You’ve heard from a student just like yourself, be careful and watch out for internet scams claiming to bless with awesome scholarships. Verify, verify and verify again!It’s a wrap for this week’s edition, watch this space for more informative and entertaining posts!