Our Mid-week Spotlite this week is an Aeronautical Engineering student at on one of the prestigious institutes in India. He takes us through his experiences gaining admission overseas and the journey so far, we enjoyed this one and we hope you do too!

Hello, please introduce yourself.

I am Emmanuel Mayowa Olanhanmi. I’m an Aeronautical Engineering Upperclassman at Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India.

Wow! Aeronautical Engineering, why did you pick this course?

It has always been my childhood dream to establish myself as a pilot and the closest deal-breaker I’ve found to Piloting is Aeronautical Engineering which has provided me with gallant knowledge enough to set myself up.

Alright Emmanuel, can you tell us how you managed to gain admission all the way in India?

Gaining admission to universities back home summed up in one word is agony, with millions of students writing the entrance exams each year, and the few lucky ones going in through the golden doors while the majority is left behind.

Faced with utter bad luck I found myself in the latter pile and when I came across the application to this school online and read through the brief, my heart jumped for joy and I wasted no time in applying to it.

Well good luck shone on you finally, how has the experience here been?

My time here has been a ride I must say, gaining exposure and familiarity, maturing in judgement, observation and practicality for all of which this country claims credit.

Cool, we are sure it wasn’t so easy when you got over here. Tell us about it.

Initially I was faced with hindrance resulting from the language barrier and the local accent was very confusing combined with the palette-adjustment to the food. But as the saying goes, time heals and I’ve found myself comfortable with all above mentioned aspects and thankfully the food has ceased to be evasive. The locals are friendly and neighborly, they like mingling with foreigners and so developing healthy relationships with them hasn’t been a problem.

That’s great Emmanuel, how did you cope with settling down?

I’ve been lucky to be gifted with good friends here who have made my stay enjoyable. I’ve gotten along well all through my years here and the stay has been pleasant. I’ve found great accommodation facilities but the expenses vary with the location.

How have classes and school been?

They have been great and though the teaching methods here are exemplary, I do think that it could be improved especially when it comes to grabbing some hands-on experience.

How is the weather? Any issues adjusting to it?

The climate here is no different from what I’m used to back home and it’s quite pleasant. No issues whatsoever.

So Emmanuel, I’m sure our readers are wondering how you went about processing your admission, tell us about it.

I used an agent to get myself here and I must say the experience was not so great. After being promised a scholarship in my final year of school, I had to be faced with the reality of a scam when I got over here.

Thank you so much for your time with 1Plify Emmanuel, advice for students who want to study abroad like you?

I would most definitely suggest India as a good place to study. My advice to any aspiring student is make thorough inquiries about the school, and to know all the possible obstacles they might face before traveling abroad. All the best!

And that wraps up Mid-week SpotLite, hope you enjoyed Emmanuel as much as we did. Interested in studying in India or any other country? Send us a mail right now to hello@1plify.com and kick-start an experience you’ll never forget!