These are hard times. If you’re Nigerian, you must be feeling the impact of the economic recession right now, emm, well, unless your parents run one of those “recession proof” business. Today, let’s consider 3 ways you can pursue your study abroad dreams without putting too much financial pressure on yourself or parent/guardian.

Expensive institutions eh…

Some institutions are more expensive than others. If your budget is low and especially in the economic recession we find ourselves in, it is important to choose a University that won’t hurt your pocket too much. I have seen ambitious students choose expensive institutions only to drop out after the second year due to inability to continue to pay the expensive fees.

Cities can be expensive too

Cost of living is the real deal. Accommodation in some cities cost twice than others. Cost of transportation, feeding etc are important factors to consider while choosing your institution of study. So, first, find out from credible sources (emm, like the good guys at 1Plify) what the average cost of living is and decide if it’s affordable for you.

Share a room

Cohabitation can be a life saver, especially if you’re on a low budget. Why pay full rent for an apartment when you can half it by living with a friend, classmate etc? Thankfully, there are now lots of platforms in several cities across the world that help you look for roomates. By sharing a room/house with someone, you can easily reduce your cost of living by at least 50%. I have seen students reduce theirs by 80% depending on a lot of factors (such as the size of the house, number of cohabiters etc.).