It’s great when you have a lot of information at your disposal while making the decision on which university to attend. That’s our aim; to give you all the information you need to make that decision easier. Over the next few weeks, current students and graduates will tell us about the cities where their university is located. Want to know what life is like in the city where your dream university is located? Don’t miss this column.

Today, our guest reviews Leicester which is located in the United Kingdom. Enjoy.

Where did you study?
University of Leicester, UK

Before your degree, have you ever visited Leicester before?
Yes, I had visited Leicester prior to my degree.

What did you love most about Leicester?
The university is a walk away from the city centre. I loved that. Leicester is a great city. It’s in the midlands so it makes it easy and cost effective to travel to anywhere in the UK by train or coach.

Tell us some of the fun places to hang out there?
Anywhere in the city centre really

Would you describe it as a student friendly city?
Yes. It is very student friendly.

What should a newcomer know about Leicester?
It’s a really nice city; very multicultural.

What advice would you give to adjusting to the way of life there?
The weather is horrible. Prepare for winter and try to make the most of it when it comes.

Where was your favourite place to go shopping?
Primark and H&M.

How can someone living on a low budget survive in Leicester?
They should buy things on sale. With the amount of things that go on sale, I wonder why we even buy things at the full price in the first place. They should also try to avoid buying food outside all the time. Home cooked meals are always cheaper. Take packed lunches to school if you can.

Tell us about accommodation; how easy is it to get a good accommodation?
It is very easy. Try to start looking for accommodation on time.

Is it easy to navigate around the city?
Yes it is; very easy. If you live in the city centre, it’s great. You can walk to uni, walk to the shops, restaurants, bars, clubs. It’s convenient.

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