Laptops are as important as your textbooks. Students are able to take notes faster with laptop. Aside from this fact, they can also make use of the microphone to record lectures. Moreover, lecturers these days make use of PowerPoint to deliver their lectures. This has created an avenue for students to copy these notes to their laptop easily. However, one major challenge student face is the choice of laptop to purchase. This article will show you 5 important things you need to consider when you want to purchase your laptop.


Firstly, you need to get a laptop that will last all through your stay in college, i.e. for the whole duration of your undergraduate study. Getting a laptop that will still be efficient after your college isn’t a bad idea.

School requirements

There are some schools that notify students on the type of laptop to buy. For example, your school might tell you to get a windows-based operating system instead of macOS or Linux. This will prevent you from being left out of some important files because it might not open on your laptop in case your laptop is operating on a different OS.

Storage space

Although students are told to make use of cloud storage to serve as a backup plan for their files. This shouldn’t limit the kind of storage type of system you need. You can go for a 500 GB or 750 GB or even 1 TB storage space system depending on what you intend doing with the laptop. It is better to have a larger storage space than later getting an external hard disk drive.


Keeping it light can be beneficial to an extent. It reduces the burden of carrying extra loads and also creates few more spaces in your bag to accommodate other things.


Most systems would either offer you a long lasting battery life or a very high performance system at the expense of the battery life. Although there are some laptops that are able to offer you the two, but this depends on the cash at hand.