India being quite rich and wrapped up in culture and traditions has its own style of dressing. While foreigners can’t be expected to embrace the same routine of fashion, immodest dressing and loud fashion statements are rather discouraged. As ladies, I know this can be a very touchy issue but when you are in Rome..?  Also the weather conditions vary from state to state but overall the days are hot and humid while the afternoons tend to be cooler. Clothing that you take along should also be weather appropriate, but who says you can’t be yourself and stylish in a foreign culture? Here is a list of wardrobe must-haves I’ve put together just for you..

01)  Jeans

Jeans are the savior of students whether to make a style statement or dash off to class on a late morning. A collection of perfectly fit jeans can see you through an entire four years of college and the best part – jeans embrace every season, culture and setting.

02)  Shirts and T-Shirts

Befriend shirts and t-shirts to your heart’s content. Make sure they are cold washable, air-dry friendly and thin to get you through the hot mid-days. Fluffier and thicker versions can be adopted for the cool afternoons.

03)  Leggings

Leggings can be a girl’s best friend in the tropics being thin and edgy with the wide variety of prints and colors they come in. If you up for some native culture embracing, pairing it off with a traditional Indian Kurta can be quite ingenuous.

04)  Winter Clothing

India does have some really cold nights and days. I advise you carry a few heavy coats, a couple of cardigans for cool evenings and a few warm sweatshirts to stop the chilly biting cold from seeping into you.

05)  Dresses/Skirts

What’s a girl without a little black dress and some other hot numbers hanging in your closet for those night outs, dates and parties? After all, us girls do deserve some fun too don’t we?

06)  Shawls

The streets of India are dusty and can be a nightmare to your exposed skin, not to mention the overbearing heat at times. I strongly recommend a shawl to be carried around while gracing the streets unless of course you prefer the fresh-baked look.

07)  Footwear

Study shoes! Students have hectic schedules and being on your feet is part of it. Killing toes and swollen ankles aren’t really going to be of help running between lecture halls and back. So keep the shoes to comfortable and lasting numbers and leave those heels to kick off the party.

A word to the wise, India is a modest country and any cleavage baring, thigh gaping attire is not advisable for daily wear especially to college though your wardrobe can be entertained to its limit on your own time. Dressing conservative doesn’t mean dressing hideous.

There’s nothing like a woman who makes a style statement in anything she wears.