College is a brand new start, a fresh era and quick getaway from your current life. College can offer you a sweet deal in many ways than you can imagine, but the best of them all is the gift of offering you a complete personality makeover if you think you have a couple of flaws and wanted people to accept you in different light. Here are some valuable tips customized just for you;

01)  Be Humorous

There’s nothing like good sense of break the ice. Everyone loves a person who can laugh and all the more they love a person who can make others laugh. This doesn’t mean you have to lose all sense of dignity by acting the clown and earn the title of a jester. Be cheerful, crack a handful of jokes, entertain your peers and be a person people just love to be around.

02)  Be Optimistic

Nothing is more downing than a pessimist who sees a storm in a clear blue sky. Learn to appreciate the little things in life, pick your mates up when they feel down( not keep them down there) see the silver lining in each dark cloud and hold onto hope and faith better than anyone else. Before you know it, you’ll become the lamppost everyone gathers around for light on rainy days.

03)  Be Outgoing

Put yourself out there and not shy away from crowds, gatherings and meetings. Be bold and confident to walk with your head held high to a hall full of people and attract their eyes. Avoid rude and impertinent behavior but be polite, friendly and always address people with a smile and put yourself in a position to own the room.

04)  Be a Good Conversationalist

Don’t wait for people to approach you instead break the ice, introduce yourself and get the conversation flowing. If a person is talking to you, heat up the conversation with humor on your side, lighten up the atmosphere with a smile, put the other person at ease with you and avoid the dreaded awkward pauses where you have no idea what to say and both parties are uncomfortable.

05)  Have an Opinion

This is the final and most crucial fact. A person with no view and belief of his own is like a mass with no skeleton, easy to manipulate into any situation, no skill or will to stand up for himself, desirable to walk over and get pushed over to the sidelines. Don’t let this be you. Be a person with a strong judgement

These five steps can bring you out of any shell or cocoon. If you were in need of a transformation, follow the five simple steps and watch yourself beginning to walk the hall of fame in college.