Today, recruiters or hiring companies not only look at your qualification and your school certificate. They also check the experience gathered over the years. Why is this so? They no longer have the time to train graduates, but they are rather in the look out for finished products. Therefore, it has become imperative for students to look for ways to improve themselves in order to become a hot cake after graduation.

Here are five practical steps to follow in order to become marketable after graduation.

Own your business

There are various startup business that university students can venture into. For example, small scale retail business. This kind of jobs makes students boss of their  own business and also allows room for mistakes and corrections.

Leadership position

Various bodies or organisations on campus would be in need of leaders at one point or the other. During the cause of service, you gain leadership experience including human relation and communication skills. You have the opportunity of meeting with people who can mentor you and introduce you to the professional world.

Expand your tentacles

College will create the opportunity for you to go outside your area of specialization. Going beyond your limit will train you on how to become flexible and multitask. People with such skills are rare.

Get a mentor

This could be any of your professors, lecturers or even your advisor. Getting a mentor can be a wise move to take because your mentor can be of importance to you when it comes to an easy transition from  college to your workplace. He/she will also give you the full gist of what to expect in the real life work and the likely challenges you might  encounter so as to equip yourself.

Extracurricular activities

Going outside the walls of your lecture room and teaming up with a group of people will build your human relation skills. This skill will prove important on your resume especially when it comes to telling your interviewer how you’ve been able to gather your skill.