Finally, you’re about going out with him. You must be anxious, right? Just relax and go through these 7 tips. This will help you out there.

#1 Dress smartly

Don’t wear outfits that will expose or show your cleavage. This might give the guy a wrong impression about you. In fact, it’s better you put on flat shoes as this gives you the freedom of going on a walk with him after meal.  A nice simple appearance is okay.

#2 Your first contact

Here comes the moment you’ve been waiting for?. Just approach him with a “hello” or a hug. This will send a signal to his head and calm his nerves. First contact can be really weird and awkward. Perfect your lines well before the day.

#3 Offer to pay

Who says ladies can’t pay for food ordered? No! don’t fall into such assumptions. You can offer to clear the bill, but if he insists, you can let him pay. This will make him respect you more.

#4 Be simple with your orders

Don’t order expensive meals, even if you’ll be paying for it yourself.  This might make the guy feel you want to take advantage of him.

#5 Let the guy do the talking

Some ladies are fond of doing the talking while the guy is only allowed to listen. This won’t make you know the guy you’re going out with. Just be calm and do more of the listening.

#6 Put your phone away

This will make you earn the guy’s respect. Being obsessed with your phone can be rude and make the guy feels he’s at the wrong place or even wasting his time. Guys cherish attention.

#7 Aftermath

You don’t have to wait for his text before you appreciate him. Send him a message appreciating him for your time with him. Take it a step further by commending him for something that stood out for you during the date.