As a college student, going on a date is one way of relaxing. It’s also an opportunity to take that your crush out. It won’t be too good if you fumble during your first date. Make your first date be an experience you will always crave for.
Here are 10 tips to guide you on your first college date.
Proper Planning
Everything calls for preparation. Even the slightest thing on earth calls for planning if you don’t want to fail. Making plans on questions you’ll ask is not a bad idea for example, You guys can explore your hobbies.
Select the best place that will be comfortable and conducive for communication. Never take a lady to see a movie on first date because your first date should be about having good conversations. This can’t be achieved while staring at the screen
Your Dressing
Make sure you’re comfortable with whatever you are wearing. Your appearance matters a lot.
Foot the bill
Before asking anyone out on a date, make sure your pocket is full. Never allow the lady to pay even if she insists.
Never keep the lady waiting. It signals a wrong message.
For a lady to go out with you signifies that she’s comfortable being around you and also interested in the date. Never screw the whole thing by being shy or scared (your voice tone)
Learn how to compliment
This should be done smartly. Compliment her dressing at first sight.
Be Attentive
Ladies love to be listened to. You can offer a smile as she talks so as to make her aware that you are with her.
Don’t bore her
Try as much as possible to make it a memorable experience for her. This will lead to the second date. Avoid cracking dirty or dry jokes. Make it fun as possible.
Don’t try to impress, just order for something simple.