The hassle of packing is one we know you would rather not do until the last minute, because a million questions are probably racing through your mind as to what you should carry along and what to leave behind. Yes I’ve been in your shoes and that is why I am in the best position to cheerfully direct you through the packing process. Yes I’m glad to help, so let’s get packing!

  1. Clothing

Only relevant and compliant clothing should be packed and unnecessary items should be left behind. By that I mean you should do your home work on what type of country you are going to be spending the next couple of years of your life in, and the relevant climate and native culture. There is no use carrying heavy winter clothing to the tropics where one hour in a parka will result in a heatstroke.packing

All documents that was sent through to you in the admission process, the originals of your previous academic achievements and extra curricular activities, your birth certificate, passport/visa, evidence of financial resources, contacts of local guardians and acquaintances, identity proof are essentials that need to be carried along and MUST not be left behind.

  1. Personal Belongings

Toiletries and bedding, essential kitchen supplies like cutlery, an electric kettle and if possible an induction cook top though this can be easily purchased locally, Laptop/mobile phone and chargers, a bilingual dictionary for translation purposes, a road map and traveler’s  guides if you can get your hands on some.

  1. Money

This is the MOST essential item for survival. The question is how much of it you should carry on the journey. There is an easy way to answer that question. Create a budget for yourself based on your lifestyle, the expenditure certificate you’ve received from your university, word acquired from peers and decide for yourself how much cash will you need to get by for a couple of weeks until you can get some mode of cash flow installed. In case any emergency takes place, carry along some extra cash to save yourself from any fix.

  1. Miscellaneous

This could be anything ranging from adapters,(plug types differ from continent to continent) to an extra tooth-brush or your complete set of favorite movies. Also over the counter drugs like painkillers to tide you over till your medical registration is completed.

That’s it! Easy as pie. This guide should pretty much help you with your packing and save yourself from feeling lost and overwhelmed. Pack light and pack wise and you’ll be absolutely fine!