It’s no longer a myth that active listeners are good learner. Those who have poor listening skills tend to perform below expectation in college work because students spend most of their time in classrooms listening to lectures.

Develop interest

When you put your mind to something, you tend to concentrate more. The first step to active listening is the ability to show eagerness to learn. This will aid your note taking in class.

Requires total Concentration

There are lots of distractions in college. These could be; personal worries, finance, thought about upcoming events and so on. To be a good listener, you must be able to shun distractions.

Update your note

Ensure you’re up to date in your reading so as understand the flow and pace with which your lecturer is teaching you. Being familiar with a topic or its foundational topics will be of help when you get to the advanced areas.

Focus on the main point

Pay attention to the main idea of the topic. Don’t take too many notes. In the process of copying all the lecturer’s discussion, you tend to lose out on some important points.

Participate in class

Answering questions or asking questions in class prevent you from losing focus. In some cases, questions bothering one’s mind can serve as a distraction but in order not to lose focus, it is better to write down your questions and then ask later as the class proceed.