Keeping it real and creating awareness among the million students whose voices are either muffled or not saying anything at all, is very important when it comes to the sensitive issue of sexual harassment. Each day cases of this issue go unnoticed, unspoken of, unheard of in all parts of the world for various reasons, the most common being fear. Fear of being judged, fear of the situation, fear of being labeled. Dear students, if you are a victim of any kind of harassment, step forward and seek justice against this monster lurking. Here are several ways to deal with this if it ever happens to you or someone close;

  1. Be aware of the law

Sexual harassment is a punishable legal offense committed on any platform, level, relationship or party. The law sticks by you no matter the circumstances, it is a violation of one of your basic rights. In fact there are no circumstances on any form whatsoever to paint this issue as right. It is an unjust, illegal and downright disgusting behavior of a fellow human being.


IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!!! That hot dress you were wearing on your date, or the sweet flirty talk, or any feature about your body or personality was not an invitation to get you into a sticky mess. You have the freedom just as the next person  to dress up or dress down, it doesn’t excuse the indiscipline of the other party. IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU ASKED FOR IT!!

3.  Reach Out

This wouldn’t be the most ingenious time to put a lid on your trap. Reach out to your friends and family. Trust me, you need them. They aren’t going to be judgmental for they are called your friends and family for a reason. Talk the issue out, get the weight off your mind, find comfort in their arms and ahead your tears in their bosoms. Feeling safe and secure among your loved ones is crucial at this point in time.

4. Report the Case

Do not allow fear harness your decision. If he was a creep, let the world know he is a creep. Don’t let the fear of the society judgment and consequences stop you from pressing charges and filing a case. This might be your chance to get the world rid of one more psychopath or get help to a mentally unstable person and make it safer for fellow citizens like yourself out there.

5.  Get help/support

You would have gone through emotional trauma by the end of this whole dramatic gut-wrenching hassle and a little extra support to fall back into your routine life would be great. Consult a psychiatrist or a therapist and let them work their wonder works on you and rid your mind of the past and move forward. Let the rule, forgive and forget direct your futuristic actions.

Sexual harassment is not a minor deal. It happens in every corner of the world but most times goes unreported. It is time to put an end to the countless young minds and spirits ruined. Raise awareness and help stop the menace.