One of the ways to finance your academics abroad is to work part-time job. This also entails you showing a level of commitment so as to earn the respect and admiration of your employer. How can this be done without affecting your primary aim of going abroad? Worry no more because this article will guide you on how you can work while studying and still be scoring good grades.

Time management

As a student, you must learn how to manage your time. This will enable you to have conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities you engage yourself with. Before you leave home, make sure you plan your day. You can simply make a to-do list that will guide you all through day. This should be backed up with a reminder set up on your phone. This will help to increase your productivity both at work and in school.

Be regular in class

Don’t fall into the trap of working in between classes. This will stress the hell out of you and probably tempt you to miss your classes. Most times, lecturers do take attendance of students present for their class and punish defaulters. Also, if you depend on copying notes missed, do not forget that notes copied can never be as accurate as the one you took yourself while in class.

Be the friend of that serious student

Having a serious student as friend can be to your advantage. The person tends to keep you updated and also assist you when lecturers give you task do. This can be in form of assignments, projects and so on. Develop a close relationship with him/her. This person can also give advice you.

Pre-inform your employer/advisor

Let your employer be aware of your status as a student. This will make him/her to be lenient with you. Also, your class or college advisor should also be aware of what you are into.

Read daily  

Procrastination as you well know is a thief of time. Cultivate the habit of going over the day’s note in order to keep your memory fresh. This will prevent your note from being too cumbersome to read during exam time.  

Take breaks often

Always set relaxation time for yourself. One way to combine work and study is by staying fit. This is achievable when you set relaxation time for yourself. This will help you regain your energy and increase your efficiency.