Irrespective of how you’ve previously performed in your college work, there’s more to be done that can boost your performance. This is a personal decision you need to make. No matter how hard the teacher performs, if the student in question decides to perform woefully, it will surely be so. Becoming a better student entails making a decision and taking positive steps that will bring it to reality. These 7 positive steps will help you achieve your purpose.

Ask questions
Don’t be shy of asking questions. If you think people will make jest of you for asking such a ‘dumb’ question, let them be. It’s better for them to mock you in class than failing silently. You can also meet with your lecturer after the class for further clarifications.

Be attentive in class
If you can grab all what your lecturer is teaching you in class, your success is almost guaranteed One of the aspect of being a better student is the ability to learn in class.

Attempt all assignments given
Do not deceive yourself by copying your friend’s work. Most of the questions set for exams are always drawn from your assignment. Solving a particular question yourself will look familiar when you come across the same in the exam.

Be positive
There’s no difficult subject anywhere. Your lecturer was once a student. Always stay positive irrespective of the course. Never allow negative thoughts to run through your heads. Negativity makes you see the impossibility of a thing.

Get a tutor
Attending extra classes is a wise idea if you find it hard to understand what your lecturer teaches you in class. Having a personal tutor will give you the opportunity of asking questions. Your tutor is ready to spend time on a topic till you understand it before moving to another. The fact remains that, the pace at which you move in class will be totally different from a tutorial class.

Time management
Learn how to make most use of your time in college. Endeavor to always draw your plan for the day. In addition, do well to avoid procrastination. Study your books when you’re supposed to.

Develop note taking skills
Taking down vital points in class helps whenever you’re carrying out your personal study. It also encourages active listening in class. Remember that not all what lecturer says in class is clearly written in your class note.