We’re here once again to answer your questions about university education. Read and learn and don’t forget to send any question that you have to us. We’ll do our best to answer them.

I didn’t really do well in my WAEC/ O’ levels. Will that affect my chances of getting into university?
For most universities, part of the entry requirements includes your WAEC/ O’ level results. They look specifically at your Maths and English score and they often require a minimum of a ‘C’ grade in at least four subjects. If you don’t have this, it is not the end of the road. There are universities that base their admission decision on other factors apart from your WAEC / O’ level results. Some place more emphasis on your JAMB score, A’ level results and post-JAMB score. So find out what the university you want to get into requires. If you fall short in your exam scores, look for another university that will accept the scores that you have. If you must go that university by all means, then you may have to re-write your WAEC/ O’ level exams. The choice is up to you.

Do I need to study A’ levels before I can get into university abroad?
There are many ways to get into universities abroad without taking A’ level exams. First of all you need to know what the school you want to apply to requires. Universities in the UK generally accept A’ levels and Foundation courses while in the US it is SATS and TOEFL. It would be a mistake to write A’ levels when the university you want to get into requires SATS. This is why we always advice you to do your research and start early on. Doing your research few months to when you want to get into university will be too late. You have to start considering these things when you are in SS1 at the very least. At that point, you would have enough time to determine the exams you need to do and prepare adequately for them.

What should I do if the university I’ve been dreaming of going to does not have my course?
This is an interesting question. The answer is quite straight-forward; look for another university that offers the course that you want to do. Many prospective students have a picture of their ideal university. For some it is an Ivy League school like Harvard while for others it is the school where all their other siblings went. As much as you love a particular university, you have to be realistic. If they don’t offer the course that you want to do, you need to move on and find another university. There’s no point opting for another course that you don’t really like just to go to Harvard. You may end up regretting that decision. However, if you must go to that university, find out if they have other related courses you can study. For example, if you want to study Criminology and the university does not have that, you may want to try Law or maybe Sociology.

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