The academic calendar for the year is about to end for a number of students. Christmas is around the corner and we can imagine that students are gearing up for the holiday. While the rest is needed, the holiday is a good time for you to begin you research for universities to attend is you haven’t started doing so already. The new admission cycle has begun and to get your admission in 2015, you need to start now.

Today, we are dealing with questions sent to us about admissions and searching for the best university to attend.

What are the main things I should look out for in my search for a good university?

There are many things to look out for:
Position in the league tables

  • Diversity of students and study options
  • Flexibility in mode of study – Having to attend lectures in class all the time is becoming archaic. Look for universities that offer more flexible options to enhance your study experience
  • The facilities on campus – There is no point going to a university that still has facilities from the 60s. You want to go to a university that is cutting edge and abreast of technological developments.
  • Availability of accommodation – This is very important especially if you want to study abroad.
  • This list is not exhaustive but it will help you to streamline your search for a good university.

    I have never visited the country where the University of my Choice is located. Will this affect my application and ability to adapt in anyway?

    There is something great about human beings – it is our ability to adapt. So our answer is no. The fact that you have not visited that particular country before does not mean you will not adapt. You will definitely adapt although the time it takes you to do so will depend on how prepared you are. Do you know you can prepare yourself ahead before you begin at your new university? Are you wondering how? You can do so by simply familiarising yourself with everything about that country. Thank God for the internet and Google. Get more information about the country. Watch documentaries and videos. Get in touch with people who have ever visited that country and if it is possible find current students to talk to. Doing all this will make it easier for you to adapt. And as for your application, it is will not be affected in anyway. Universities abroad welcome international students for various reasons. It is rare to find a university that will deny you admission just because you haven’t visited the country before so don’t worry too much about it.

    Is it a good idea to study ahead before I start a new session?

    Yes, definitely. If you already know the course you are going to study next semester, it’s a good idea to study ahead. By doing so, you will familiarise yourself with the topics and identify difficult areas on time. One great benefit of studying ahead is that you actually get to study for knowledge which is the best way to study. Since you are not studying for an exam, there is little or no pressure. Your brain is free to assimilate what you are reading and the notes you take down at this point will be useful when it is revision time. So please, study ahead if you can. Holidays are not just for resting alone.

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