Can you believe it’s Friday already? As you know, Friday is #Ask1Plify day and today we will deal with the question of how you can stand out in the saturated job market as a graduate. There are many ways through which you can stand out and get the job of your dreams. Obviously, the list will not be exhaustive and you may have to do a combination of what we suggest to make it work for you.

So here we go;

Get the best grade. Yes having a First Class alone is not enough to get land you that dream job but it opens the door. To cut down the number of applicants, companies usually specify a minimum of a 2’1 for their entry requirement. You are automatically cut off if you have anything below this. So you see why it is better for you to have good grades.

Be active. Get involved with different activities while you are on campus and run for positions if you can. You gain many skills when you get involved in activities and you hold a position on campus. It also shows an employer that you are a balanced individual; you are not just about books alone.

Start a business or social cause. Starting a business to meet a need you have identified on campus or coming up with a social cause to address an issue shows initiative on your part and helps your future employers to evaluate your leadership skills. Being able to successfully run and manage various businesses on campus will definitely make you stand out.

Connect. The time to start connecting with your dream company is now. Read everything you can about them and stay current with their activities. Engage with them on social media. Make intellectual suggestions to them. Many people have landed their dream job by being able to engage intellectually on social media.

Befriend an insider. Thank God for platforms such as LinkedIn. You can connect with people who already work in the company you are eyeing. Such people will be able to give you more information about the culture of the company and what they expect from their staff. This information will come in handy when you are being interviewed.

Think contact. This is related to the point above. This is the time for you to build your contact base. When seminars or conferences are organised in your faculty, attend with the aim of networking. Invited guests are usually more open at such seminars. Ask intelligent questions and speak to the guests after the event if possible. Ensure that you maintain such contacts via social media. You never know which door that contact can open for you.

The bottom-line when it comes to getting your dream job is to start now. Every action must be geared towards achieving that ultimate goal. Don’t wait until you are in your final year.

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