College is definitely a new start and a new beginning, and a clear cut brand new experience. Everything ranging from the people you meet to the food is going to be fresh. This is a time to push yourself and explore some new regimes, and discover your boundaries. Settling down can be a piece of cake if you know what to do and how to go about it. Let’s check out some hints:

1)  Meet up with your Residential Advisor. He/ she will help in making some introductions around and maybe even fill you in on some great campus takeaways and nearest Laundromats.

2) Drop in by the reception desk of your dorm and collect a few fliers. Fliers at the start of orientation can give you a list of activities ranging from in-house parties to cook-offs to job offers, which you might like to check out depending on your taste.

3) Checkout the Clubs Fair. Clubs recruit new members on the first week and the Club Fair will give you the perfect opportunity to some “Club Shopping” and pick out the club your choice to honor it with your membership.

4)  Distribute some cupcakes. Yeah cupcakes. Cheesy as much as it sounds, cupcakes are a great way to meet some new people and make some new friends. You can order them out or better yet whip up your own batch making use of your residential kitchen.

5)  Go job hunting. Definitely getting a part time job on campus will not only keep you occupied but also gives you access to some extra cash jiggling in your pocket. Plus a job like bussing tables might earn you some free meals.

6) Put on those dress shoes and hit a party. There are plenty of parties bustling on campus. The beer maybe cheap but it is a great way to get introduced and of course make friends.

7) Ask your Residential Advisor for the most popular campus hangouts and make yourself visible there. While devouring a banana split you can meet people

8) Hit the campus TV, Radio stations or the newspaper office if you’ve got a thing for media. It is definitely a great way to get you launched in with something you are comfortable with and also to get popular.

9) Try out for team sports if you’ve been a bit of a jock back in high school. It will clearly keep you fit and fit with other people as well.

10) Hit the library and I’m not kidding. It is a delightful way to get to know about study groups and get to know your way around too

11) Go to a movie at the local campus theater. You will get to meet people with similar tastes.

12) Take the shuttle and give yourself a campus tour. Rather than an organized guided tour, creating the experience for yourself will engrave lasting marks on your memory.

13) And finally just relax. You’ve got plenty of time to make yourself at home.

These tips should be very helpful in getting you settled down. Remember to dive headfirst into any opportunity and take some risks. College is an experience, make it a memorable one.

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