College expenses might be more than what most students and parents have budgeted for. There are some hidden expenses that are not known to parents until their wards get to school. In order not to be surprised, I have compiled 7 hidden fees that students may need to pay for in college.

Orientation fees

This is usually being collected at the start of college. The payment is made once in college. The fee covers the fresh student orientation process.

Matriculation fee

Newly admitted students are always charged this fee. It covers costs associated with admissions, transcripts, web, and other services associated with the enrollment of freshmen and transfer students.

Graduation fee

When a student applies to graduate, this fee is usually added to his/her account. It is also being collected once in a student’s lifetime in college. It covers the convocation fee, gown, etc.

Lab. fees

Are you a student in the field of medicine, engineering, pure and applied science and so on? You will be required to pay an extra fee (Lab. fees) in order to participate in the practical classes.

Student service fee

In most colleges, the student service fee is required of all students. The fee is payment for co-curricular programs, activities, and services which benefits the student.

Campus spirit fee  

Students are charged with fees to support athletics and campus spirit programs.

Tech fees

This is usually meant for the free Wi-Fi services provided for students on campus. Some colleges also charge fees for their computer labs.

Transportation fees

Depending on the college, some schools provide means of transportation for their students. The fee also varies depending on the transportation system you registered for.