College is full of activities and should be enjoyed to the fullest. Participating in every segment of campus life can be fun when narrating your experience among your peers or family. Below, I have put together a list of 8 activities you shouldn’t miss while you’re a college student .

Fun trips
Your department/class is likely to organize trips for recreation and tourism. Going on trips with your in groups can be fun and gives you the opportunity of meeting new people and knowing more places. Going on trips also helps to broaden your knowledge about your environment.

Academic/field trips
This kind of trips are usually compulsory because it is part of the criteria you must fulfill before you can be granted your certificate as stated in the curriculum. Field trips are meant to broaden your knowledge by showing you the life application of what you were taught in your lecture room. In some cases, you tend to meet people of high esteem who might be willing to share their success stories with students. Along the line, you might be given souvenirs from places visited and other gift packages.

Orientation week
Student leaders often organize a welcome program for freshmen. Here you would be loaded with information regarding the nature of your department and how you can be successful in the department. This platform will give you the chance of meeting your new colleagues and enlighten you about what to expect (especially the likely challenges).

Ensure you attend a dinner before you leave college. This ain’t gonna be anything new if you were asked to organize one where you work. To make your dinner a memorable one, you can invite your girlfriend/crush along.

College sporting events
There’s nothing more fun than being in the midst of a roaring crowd cheering and supporting your school or team in a sporting event. Examples of some common sporting event that catches students attention in college includes; soccer, basketball, volleyball etc.

Cultural event
Joining the team to organize events like this will enable you to work with people from varying background and probably your seniors in school. It will help improve your organizational skills and time management skills and also give you a direct approach of knowing the culture of the area you’re studying.

Seminars ranges from academics to entrepreneurship talk and so on. It’s usually advisable to attend conferences organized in your departments or those in line with your career goal. Questions bothering your mind can be asked or even talked about by any of the speakers. In addition, conference provide network links to connect with professionals in areas that interest you.

Visit the museum/zoological garden
There are some places when you visit as a students are cheap compared to when you’re no longer a student. Ensure you visit all the places in your school while you so as to save cost. You can go with your friends.