Most of the times, international students depend on other sources of income to finance their studies. Part time job varies from countries to countries depending on the student’s choice. This article highlights 8 common jobs you’re likely to encounter in college.

#1 Server/Bartender
This is one of the most common jobs available for college students to work part-time. This is due to its flexibility. This kind of job offers students high income depending on the company.

#2 Teacher’s assistant
Institutions offer jobs to college students to assist instructors in the marking of papers, preparing of class materials and so on. This serves as an opportunity for those going into the education field to furnish their skills.

#3 Research assistant
College lecturers employ the services of students to assist with carrying out research work. If your field has something to do with research, getting a part-time job as a research assistant will help boost your resume.

#4 Fitness Instructor
If you enjoy working out, you’ll enjoy working in the gym. Although, it doesn’t necessary mean you must have interest in workout before you can work at a gym centre. There are other positions like secretary, janitors etc. This job offers students flexibility and allows them to choose their own working hours.

#5 Salesperson
Many Business outlets require a salesperson to handle their operations. A song persuasive skill is usually required. This job can provide you with the earning and flexibility you desire. Also, this job can be an eye opener for commercial students to build up their skills and increase their level of experience.

#6 Academic tutor
Depending on how good and intelligent you are. You can offer to teach elementary school students or private home lessons. In this type of job, you schedule your working hours yourself. Also, you can organize tutorials for undergraduate students at courses you major in.

#7 Customer service representative
The job location varies from company to company. Some Customer service reps are allowed to work anywhere making it more than awesome for college students. Working as a customer service rep can help build your communication skills that could help you succeed throughout your career.

#8 Administration
This is job offers you the opportunity to gain experience as an admin officer and also helps improve your administrative skills such as communication skills, organisational skills, technical skills etc.