You don’t need a very high IQ to be the best in Mathematics. I’ve heard a lot of misconceptions about math. One of which is that males are better at mathematics than females. This is totally wrong. Recently, Females are taking up their chances of understanding maths and they have started challenging their male counterparts. For example, Mirzakhani became the first woman ever to win “Nobel Prize of mathematics” in 2014. Recently, Mary Akinade was part of the team of two that won the silver medal at the 8th National Mathematics Competition for University Students (2016 NAMCUS) in Nigeria. This earned her the opportunity of representing her country ‘Nigeria’ at the International Mathematics Competition (IMC). The truth is that we can all achieve everything we put our mind to do.

Here are a few tips that will help make mathematics your best subject


Begin with simple examples and exercises. This will help build your confidence over time. Starting with the harder ones can scare you away and make you become frustrated preventing you from going further. Try the simpler ones first. Also, try and solve math everyday. Make sure a day doesn’t go by without practicing math. In addition, don’t read just to pass but read to gain vast knowledge. This acquired knowledge over time will pave way for your success.


It is an important attribute everyone should develop most importantly students. Don’t feel sad when you are not getting the right answers. Go over the question again and again. Try as much as possible not to jump from one topic to another.

Constant Practice

Never allow overconfidence to set in. It will reduce the rate at which you practice math and make you lazy thinking you’ve known it all. Practice mathematics regularly till it becomes a part of you. Furthermore, getting textbooks from other authors can also be an added advantage. This will help you to have the topic explained in a different way. Keep thirsting for more challenges.

Find the Right Tutor

Not all math gurus are gifted at teaching. Find the right person that will be able to impact the knowledge into you. See your tutor or your math teacher as your best friend. Always take the most challenging questions to them and never be too ashamed to ask them questions.

Your Cliques

There’s this saying that; “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”. The people you move with will determine a part of your progress in math. If your cliques are showing nonchalant attitude towards the subject. This could be in form of complaints like; “it’s too difficult”, “Nobody can solve it” and so on, this will discourage you even if you are willing to be good at the subject. Find the right set of friends that have the same goal as you. Friends that will challenge you to always go for more mathematical problems.

Teach Others

Never be scared of putting your colleagues through. See it as an avenue to test yourself and this brings out the passion in you to keep solving questions so as not to disappoint your colleagues whenever they come seeking your help. In the process of doing so, you are adding knowledge to yourself.


Make sure you eat a balanced meal regularly. The importance of food to the body cannot be overemphasized. Also, research shows that regular body exercise will help boost your memory and also improve your mental health and concentration level. In addition to this, try to relax and sleep in order to keep your brain refreshed.