As earlier started in one of our previous articles that college is much more than just academics. There have been cases where some activities have earned students scholarships. Here are some reasons why joining a club is a great idea.

Personal development
You tend to develop yourself by joining a group of people in moving the club/organization you find yourself forward. There are some instances where you would be charged with the responsibility of handling some roles. All these will build you up.

Resume building
There are some activities that attract employers once sighted on your resume, although this can depend on the nature of the job and the field of the activity. Also, your engagement in a college activity might even give your employer a notion of your ability to multitask.

Making new friends
It serves as a great platform to meet people outside your field of study and build a relationship with students having the same interest as you.

Your friends in the club can be of great assistance to you in securing a job for you after college. Also, academic related clubs offer the opportunity of meeting professionals in the field which can be of great importance to your career.

Community service
Students use college as an opportunity to get involved in influencing the lives of people and communities.

To learn a language
This can be a valuable skill to you someday. For example, when planning on getting a job, it can be a strong tool in your resume.

Club activities give you the opportunity to encounter some real world challenges and how best to approach these challenges.