Building close rapport with your college professors can be a wise move because of the various advantages that could beneficial to you. For example, beyond the giving of grades, these professors can also be of help in the aspect of giving you recommendation letters to reputable organizations during your search for job.

Be punctual

Not just getting to class early, but also endeavor not to miss any class for whatsoever reason. Some professors are smart at recognizing their students especially in small class size. Some may even decide to take attendance.

Participate in Class

Show your eagerness to learn by answering questions or by passing your comments. Lecturers love students who are active in the classroom.

Do your work

Do your assignment as at when due. This also entails keeping yourself updated with what you were being taught in class. The lecturer might decide to conduct impromptu test.  

Ask more questions about their research

Showing a bit of interest in one of your professor’s work is a way complimenting him or her. It shows your eagerness to learn and understand new things.

Take advantage of office hours

There are some times you won’t be given the opportunity of asking questions in class. Do not let that affect your emotion. You can take advantage of his visiting hours to ask your questions.

Ask `about opportunities outside the classroom

Depending on your relationship with your college professor, you can always raise questions about the career prospect in his field. Such questions signifies your enthusiasm and drive to be a successful fellow beyond the classroom

When you must miss a class, email the professor

Although the lecturer might not notice your absence but what if he takes the class attendance? Let your lecturer know beforehand that you won’t be available for his class for a tangible reason. This shows your level of responsibility and that you take the class seriously. He will remember your name.