Due to the lack of proper financial advice, students often fall victims of college debt. To be sincere, human wants are insatiable because there are lots of things you’ll be needing money for in college. But how can you satisfy yourself without being in debt?  Here’s how

Personal savings

Having your own personal savings will help you overcome some financial obstacles that might want to tempt you into applying for private loans.

Apply for as many scholarships as possible

This can be an added income in the long run. Work on your ability to qualify for scholarship awards

Part time Job

Getting a job along with your study program will help boost your financial stability instead of looking to borrow loan to finance your studies. Although working while studying can be stressful but, if you can understand the principle of time management, you will enjoy its dividends.

Make a Budget

Create a financial plan on specific things you need alongside your earnings. This will enable you not to exceed your income while making a list of what you need for the semester. Setting up this plan will increase your level of accountability.

Scale of preference

Putting your needs in order of most importance will benefit you a lot in college and save you money. This can in turn improve your management skills.

Financial aid counselor

No counselor will want to drive his client into debt. They can actually help you into getting a grant/scholarship award that suit your requirements by giving you tips on how to apply.

Avoid Credit Cards

Having a credit card can be tempting because it will make you spend off limit thereby running you into debt.