The way you appear speaks volume especially on an interview day. Although this is different from a job interview, but nevertheless looking smart and cute can be the saving grace.


Wear a pant with belt

Make sure you complement your dressing with a nice belt. Even if the trouser is well fitted on you, endeavor to use your belt. That’s the formal dressing standard.

Iron your clothes well 

Ensure your clothes are well straighten before putting it on. Never make the mistake of wearing rumpled clothes. 

Smart shoes

This is important for the ladies. Endeavor to put on shoes that will make your feet firm on the ground.  Keep your high heels at home for now.


Do away with revealing clothes

Wearing provocative clothes can annoy your interviewer. He/she might have the opinion that you’re trying to get your way through to college by selling yourself. Endeavour not to lose your respect and integrity.

Avoid too much perfume. Remember to keep everything moderate.

Don’t go for the extra accessories 

Drop some accessories when going for college admission interview. For example, the use of sunglasses, hats and the likes is not necessary. Things of such are distraction to the interviewers. Just imagine the interviewers communicating with someone they can’t see his/her facial expression due to the sunglasses the person is using.

Avoid too much makeup. It’s not a party. Apply something light.