One of the challenges students face in college is how to manage college stress. One fact about college is that it can be stressful. In order to avoid the consequences of stress, it is necessary to follow these 6 tips on how to overcome stress in the university.

Adequate Sleep

During sleep, it has been confirmed that most of the body systems are in an anabolic state, that helps to restore the immune, nervous, skeletal and muscular systems. Therefore, getting enough sleep can help combat stress by preventing its consequences.

Eat well

Feeding on a balanced diet will help replenish the lost energy. Also, it will help you think more clearly and handle stress better. Don’t join the league of those that have decided to punish themselves to hunger.


I’m not asking you to overwork yourself. All you need is adequate workout to keep your body in shape. This is attributed to the fact that, regular exercise helps to increase strength and also reduce the risk of heart disease naturally which can be caused from accumulated stress.
Get some social time
Take some time off college work and associate with your friends. Try going to the cinema. This will free up your mind thereby decreasing the stress level.

Seek help

Virtually almost all school employ the services of a school counselor (college advisor) not only for financial related matters but to assist students generally. If you think the bulk of the work is too much for you, go meet your college advisor for help.

Depend less on caffeinated drinks
Instead of taking stimulants to stay awake all through the night, sleep. It is believed that caffeinated drinks increase levels of arousal and alertness but higher doses can produce nervousness and anxiety.