It is common knowledge that students are always under pressure and stressed out.  I’ve done a little research looking for the genuine factors that contribute to this occurrence.  Here’s what I found it, stick to it and I promise you life would become so much easier and even more fun.

1)  Always Prioritize

Many students don’t know how to prioritize their tasks; your to-do list must always be in order of importance. Put the top tasks first at the start of the day and leave the rest to sort as the day goes on. Allocate twenty minutes of your day between the time you wake up and the time you get out of bed to classify the tasks based on what is more urgent to be attended to promptly and what can be put off as such. Instead of trying to squeeze everything into a day, work through the progression of your schedule and watch as the day resolves itself.

2)  Put your academics First

As college students this is the golden rule. College is first a place to get an education before anything else, stress comes in as a result of students putting everything before their academics. This should not be the case. Revise everything that you learn in class within that day before heading off to any other activity. Daily revision plans should be put up on your walls and followed as such. Assignments and projects should be researched and completed in time. With a follow up of daily studying, the load of exams will slowly slacken its grip on you.

3)  Take weekends off

Weekends are assigned for a reason and the reason applies to students as well. I’ve come across plenty of students putting off work to catch up on in the weekend leading to more mental stress than you can imagine. The brain needs time to cool off and the weekend should be for fun activities and not work. Have a weekend full of shopping trips, barbecues, parties, dates, movies. All work and no play makes you dull and unbalanced . If you have your fair share of fun for two days, facing the Monday mornings with a bright smile will be a decent call.

 4)  Surround yourself with like minds

Peer pressure could be a haunting nightmare in the days of college if you do not prepare yourself for the battle. Surround yourself with like-minded people to avoid the displeasure of meeting those that might make you second guess yourself. Try to avoid anybody that can make you unhappy and surround yourself with friendly faces and motivating speech. Having a good friend that you can confide is even a better idea and make sure your problems are never yours alone. Remember a problem shared is a problem half solved..

5)  Part-Time Job

Financial security is a prominent factor in the freedom state of mind. To each and every student, a part-time job if you can get your hands on one can certainly guarantee you peace of mind (and responsibility). A job while necessary,  may not be  able to take care of your tuition, but you don’t have to be dependent on your parents for everything, it still keeps some cash flowing in your life to maintain yourself. At the end of the day you have the assurance that you won’t be broke for long and there’s a source of income for the next month’s survival.

These five tips, however simple can help relieve you of a super stressed existence in college so begin to infuse them and you’ll be amazed.Thank me later! 😀



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